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...a community surrounded by beautiful nature

Lichtenstein is a lively and modern community with a rich social and cultural life. It has around 9,000 inhabitants and lies 470 - 837 m above sea level. The main attraction of Lichtenstein is the Lichtenstein castle, also known as the fairy-tale castle of Württemberg.

The three districts Unterhausen, Holzerlfingen and Honaus offer the perfect conditions for active leisure activities and relaxing holidays.


The newly designed Wilhelm Hauff Museum in Honau is also worth visiting. Well-marked hiking trails lead to  beautiful sights and attractions such as Echazquelle, Castle Lichtenstein, the cave "Olgahöhle", Castle ruin Greifenstein, and much more.


Urban districts

  • Holzelfingen
  • Honau
  • Unterhausen

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72805 Lichtenstein
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