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Surrounded by forrests and juniper heaths

Surrounded by forests and juniper heaths, drylands and flower meadows you can find Mehrstetten which offers a charming landscape for hikers and bikers. Mehrstetten is located 760 m above sea level and has about 1,400 inhabitants.Whether it is a weekend trip, a day trip or a small round trip, the unique variety of flowers on the heath surfaces and the valleys are always worth a visit. The nature there is also the reason why you can find nearly 70 different butterfly species and 77 bird species including endangered and protected species. The special flora and fauna makes a hike really special at Mehrstetten.



However, Mehrstetten is also beautiful during winter time and cross-country skiers can find well prepared trails. Therefore, Mehrstetten can be visited during summer and winter time, as there is always something to do and see. Enjoy the nature around Mehrstetten. 



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72537 Mehrstetten
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