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Münsingen is the friendly middle of the Central Swabian Alb which is directly at the UNESCO biosphere reserve and the National, European and Global GeoParc.  It also a great starting point for a lot of hiking and biking tours and the old city centre invites to walk around and to relax in one of the cafes and restaurants after an exciting day.

The Münsinger Alb offers a varied landscape that invites you to experience the nature, castles, and so on. Whether it is canoeing in the Great Lautertal, a guided hiking tour with the Alb-Guides or visiting the farms of the AlbhofTour - you won´t get bored.

The special Münsinger train station is in the summer time  the Center for Nature, Environment and Tourism which is open on Sundays and during holidays. There you can take a trip to the habitats of the Swabian Alb. Look inside the caves and immerse yourself in the beech forest. Learn more about the valuable work of the sheeps on the juniper heaths and enjoy your time there.


You can also discover the natural travel destination on the Münsinger Hausberg Beutenlay. Enjoy the juniper heath, enzian meadow or other natural beautiful landscapes, the Beutenlay offers an amazing reflection of the Swabian Alb. Historically interested people can follow the traces of Jewish history in Buttenhausen. The listed historical tour will take you to the former Synagogue Square, the Jewish cemetery and the Jewish Museum. In Buttenhausen you can also find the memorial to Matthias Erzberger, Finance Minister in the Weimar Republic.

The exhibition of the poet and literary scholar Max Kommerell can be found at the Bürgerhaus.

Urban districts of Münsinge are Apfelstetten, Auingen, Bichishausen, Böttingen, Bremelau, Buttenhausen, Dottingen, Dürrenstetten, Gundelfingen, Hundersingen, Magolsheim, Münsingen, Rietheim and Trailfingen.

  • Apfelstetten
  • Auingen
  • Bichishausen
  • Böttingen
  • Bremelau
  • Buttenhausen
  • Dottingen
  • Dürrenstetten
  • Gundelfingen
  • Hundersingen
  • Magolsheim
  • Münsingen
  • Rietheim
  • Trailfingen

Hauptstraße 13
72525 Münsingen
Phone +497381 182-145
Fax +497381 182-101

Münsinger Bahnhof - Zentrum für Natur, Umwelt und Tourismus
Bahnhofstraße 8
72525 Münsingen
Opening hour:
Mai till October: Wednesday and Friday 9.00 a.m till 12.00 p.m
Saturday 10.00-15.00 Uhr, Sonn- und Feiertag 10.00 a.m till 17.45 p.m
Telephone +497381 5017556

Biosphärenzentrum Schwäbische Alb
Von der Osten Straße 4, 6 (Altes Lager)
72525 Münsingen-Auingen
Phone +4907381 9329381

Kanutouren Volker Schmack
Fürstenbergstraße 2
72525 Münsingen-Bichishausen
Phone +4907383 408

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