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St. Johann

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St. Johann with its districts Bleichstetten, Gächingen, Lonsingen, Ohnastetten, Upfingen, Würtingen and the Stud farm St. Johann a foal stable is situated at a height of 690 - 820 m above sea level and has 5,161 inhabitants.

The districts of the community of St. Johann can be found at  the slightly hilly but beautiful landscape of the Central Swabian Alb.

St. Johann offers a lot of recreation and leisure facilities, look-outs, barbeques, playgrounds, village festivals and in winter time ski lifts and cross country ski runs. 

Special attractions in the surrounding are the Castle Lichtenstein as well as the caves: Bärenhöhle and Nebelhöhle (bear and fog cave).

Urban districts

  • Bleichstetten
    Officially recognized health resort.
  • Gächingen
    Typical village on the Swabian Alb with historic town hall and centre.
  • Lonsingen
    Centre of this village is the village square with a beautiful draw well. Officially recognized health resort.
  • Ohnastetten
    Traditional village on the Swabian Alb.
  • Upfingen
    Characteristic village centre with a gothic Church.
  • Würtingen
    Market and horse village with the stud farm: "St. Johann" and a foal stable. Officially recognized health resort with a beautiful church which has valuable ceiling and wall paintings.

Rathaus St. Johann-Würtingen
Schulstraße 1
72813 St. Johann
Phone +497122 8299 0
Fax +497122 8299 333

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