Recommended leisure activities


Close to the sky full of stars

Holiday in a tent, a mobile home or a caravan. Ideal for families and people who want to be independent. Of course, the guest will get a certain comfort on the camping sites. The Central Swabian Alb offers a selection of comfortable and special campsites. Whether camping in the nature with panoramic views, overnight stays in the tipi, yurts, circus or shepherd cars ... there is no limit.



The campsites offer the best conditions and are beautifully situated in a quiet location. The supply and disposal stations are arranged in such a way that Caravans of all sizes can travel comfortably. The distance to the town centre are not far and are often served by local public transport. Water and electricity can be purchased. Most pitches can be used all year round. The Central Swabian Alb offers a small number of simple campsites. Partly equipped with protective huts, fireplaces and sanitary facilities. They are mostly idyllic and offer larger groups the opportunity to camp undisturbed in the open countryside. You only need to bring tents, sleeping mats and sleeping bags.