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Train/Bus, Extra train rides

Comfortable with bus and train

From the beginning of May to October on Sundays and public holidays cycle-hiking-busses and trains offer various excursion possibilities. The individual offers on the bus and train traffic are linked to each other as best as possible. You can take the bicycle for free at those special trains and busses. Only one bicycle per person is allowed. Groups with more than 5 persons need to register at the transport companies (for telephone numbers, see the link timetable). A comprehensive presentation of the public transport and the transfer possibility of bicycles in buses and trains can be found in the annually published brochure and at  or . A discovery trip along the Swabian Alb is the ride with the historic steam train. A rarity is, that almost all of the original reception buildings along the way have been preserved. Thus, the ride with the Swabian Alb Railway becomes a special experience.

There are offers from the Neckar-Alb railway, Ermstalbahn and Swabian Alb railway all year round. The offer to take bicycles with the Swabian Alb railway is on the route Kleinengstingen-Gomadingen-Münsingen-Schelklingen. Monday to Saturday all year and Sundays and holiday from 1st of May to Mid October.

The 50-year old Mercedes oldtimer bus "Sonnenalb Express" drives 3 times a day on Sundays and pubic holidays between Reutlingen-Gönninen and to various leisure and recreational destinations. While driving you can enjoy the panoramic view out of the windows and remember the old times.

Offer to take the bicyle with you
  • Biosphärenbus Schwäbische Alb (Linie 349)
    Münsingen - Auingen (BiosphärenzentrumSchwäbischeAlb) - Trailfingen - Seeburg- Zainingen - Feldstetten - Ennabeuren - Münsingen (rund um den ehemaligen Truppenübungsplatz Münsingen), Radanhänger mit 20 Plätzen, 1. Fahrt am Morgen bereits ab Bad Urach Bahnhof. Hier Fahrplan lesen.
  • Rad-Wanderbus Lautertal (Linie 341)
    Oberlenningen - Gutenberg - Donnstetten - Zainingen - Böhringen - Schopfloch (Naturschutzzentrum), Radanhänger mit 20 Plätzen, verkehrt auch samstags
  • Rad-Wanderbusse der DB, ZugBus RAB
    Bad Urach - Münsingen - Hayingen - Munderkingen sowie Reutlingen - Schloss Lichtenstein - Erpfingen und Reutlingen - Pfronstetten- Zwiefalten - Riedlingen, teilweise Radanhänger mit 20 Plätzen,
  • Lautertal-Freizeit-Bus (LTB Linie 342)
    Münsingen - Marbach - Lautertal - Hayingen -Zwiefalten (- Ehingen), Radanhänger mit 32 Plätzen,
  • Rad-Wander-Bus der Hohenzollerischen Landesbahn (HzL Linie 400)
    Reutlingen - Engstingen - Bärenhöhle - ALB-GOLD -Trochtelfingen - Gammertingen, 6 Plätze für Fahrräder im Bus,
  • Rad-Wander-Bus Laichinger Alb (Linie 369)
    Blaubeuren - Laichingen - Feldstetten - Blaubeuren, Radanhänger mit 15 Plätzen,