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Baroque village with charme

Zwiefalten, is a baroque vilage in the middle of the forests and at the foot of the Swabian Alb in the valley of the Aach which has 2,193 inhabitants and is about 540 - 760 m above sea level. In Zwiefalten you can also find an impressive monastery which should be on your to-do list. The suburbs of Zwiefalten are Baach, Gauingen, Gossenzugen, Mörsingen, Sonderbuch, Upflamör and Zwiefalten. The green of the meadows and the clear streams form a picture-like landscape for the baroque monastery, which surpasses the whole town.


The history association Zwiefalten organizes regularly concerts with well-known artists and performers. The magnificent prelate's hall offers the appropriate ambience for these high-quality events. The entrance to the hall is right next to the main entrance of the monastery.

A new attraction of 2017: the beer heaven, a  beer garden of the Zwiefalten monastery brewery. The private brewery has designed a new attraction with great attention to detail in the centre of Zwiefalten. Visitors can experience the brewing art with all senses. The attraction offers a unique concept with a show brewerey, farm shop with local food, beer garden and tourist information. 

Urban districts

  • Baach
  • Gauingen
  • Gossenzugen
  • Mörsingen
  • Sonderbuch
  • Upflamör
  • Zwiefalten

Marktplatz 3
88529 Zwiefalten
Phone +497373 205-20
Fax +497373 205-55

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